There are 3 types of restrictions

1) Ad Account restrictions 

2) Business Manager restrictions 

3) Personal Profile restrictions 

If your ad account has been restricted, put your ad account in for review and start advertising on another ad account under the same BM

(We recommend making as many ad account as possible)

If you have only 1 ad account and its banned, please let us know

If your business manager has been restricted, please put it in for review.

If you can not, please let us know.

If you personal profile has been restricted, please let us know.

We will place your restricted account in for review and do the necessary ID or Phone verifications if needed. 

If your appeal has not been answered in 72 hours we will offer you the choice of a replacement or to wait longer for the review process to be complete. 

You can change your mind at any stage, but letting us know.

If only the business manager has been banned and the personal profile is still working, we could remove the restricted Business Manager and add a new one.